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Think about it, how good is the best sounding and most expensive pair of earphones, if they are not comfortable or don't fit properly? how good is the best sounding and expensive pair of earbuds if it's not durable? how good is the best sounding pair of earphones if it's too heavy to stay in the ears?

Most of our competitors are only focused on sound, some are all about fashion, claiming their products have metal housing and how great they look in the ear. What about comfort? What about fit? What about durability? What about all of the above plus great sound quality at a price that puts all other products to shame?

That is exactly what we do here at Radius Earphones. Our philosophy is Comfort and Fit first before anything else. We don't just make earphones. We are a solution provider dedicated to solving problems that others ignore.

The Atomic Bass 2 earphones:
1) Are designed with a unique angle to fit all size ears comfortable and secure.
2) Are made of ultra light weight aluminum housing for maximum durability, look and vibration control.
3) Have been rated higher than other earphones that retail for up to 10x as much by CNET, PC Magazine, iLounge and more.
4) Have superb bass response that is unmatched by even the most expensive earphones without overpowering the mids and the highs.
5) Come with a heavy duty protective case for those on the go

Perhaps, you may be one of those that only buy cheap headphones because you say to your self why spend more than $10.00 when they are just going to break again. Well we have news for you, cheap earphones do break. That's why they are cheap.

Think about how much money you spend buying cheap headphones each year. Conservatively speaking you buy a cheap $10 earphone every month. That is $120 a year that you are wasting on cheap earphones that are not only uncomfortable and hurt your ears but also sound awful.

All Radius Earphones come with a 1 year warranty. If your product fails for no apparent reason we will replace it for you for 1 entire year. So all you spend is $39.99 for the entire year. Not only you will have awsome sounding earphones that fit right but you save over $80 each year.