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Earphones with Amazing Bass Response

What the Expert Reviews Say? (See more reviews here) "Even users with smaller than average ears should have not problem achieving a relatively secure and comfortable fit."
"The Atomic Bass is a very strong performer for its price, and I would recommend it over several more expensive earphones...It's also worth noting that the Atomic Bass is ideal for those with small ears."
"Good quality earphones are impossible to come by, but for a budget the Radius Atomic Bass 2 + Mic Earphones offer very good bass, fantastic sound quality, and amazing noise cancellation for the money"

"Experience bass Atomically! Radius Atomic Bass Earphones’ unique angle allows bass waves to build organically and produce an amazing bass response."

Can't get enough bass? Radius Atomic Bass Earphones produce high-quality bass while fitting comfortably and securely in the ear canal.


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30 Days Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Worry Free Warranty.

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iPod, iPad, iPhone, MP3 Players, Android Devices

What Our Customers Say: ( For more reviews, visit the feedback tab on product pages below )

"Im a huge drum and bass fan and it's really hard to find headphones that are: comfortable, ergonomic, get deep bass and are at a reasonable price; until I found these. A definite must for DnB heads." - S Toro

"These earbuds really rock! I'm a musician of many years (trumpet) and love a full, rich bass and these really deliver. I was expecting more EQ on the bass and wasn't dissipointed. But my surprise is how well they do midrange detail! I'm hearing harmony nuances I've never heard before on recordings. It's becoming my audio product of choice for picking out trumpet parts within a section or dissecting vocal harmony parts. This is fantastic for this price." - Alex Pargh

"first off, im not a big rap/r&b guy, but these headphones portray bass so well for those genres it absolutely amazing. you can almost feel the bumping in your head... (not a bad thing). however, im a hard rock/metal guy, and the sound is amazing. i can actually hear the bassist in the majority of the songs which is unheard of in $30 earbuds. the comfort level is amazing as well, they are very discrete and well fitting. i would recommend this over my last pair of $120 earbuds... they are that good." - J Pries

"Ok, after going through about 4 different sets of headphones under the $50 mark, these by far are the best I've put on. The sound quality is compatable to my DJ headphone that are full size. The different size ear buds are a great option too, very comfortable to wear all day." - Randy A.

"Nicely designed, great fitting, deep bass reproduction and crisp, accurate mid's make the Radius Atomic Bass earphones a fantastic choice! I've been using them for a little more than 2-weeks now and I can honestly say that I've been extremely happy with these so called "low cost earphones" - it's been money VERY WELL spent! If you like bass these are the ear buds for you!" - Adam C

Radius Atomic Bass 2 Earphones
Atomic Bass 2 Earphones
Spread the word. Get instant 10% off coupon.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Worry Free Warranty.
Radius Atomic Bass Earphones + Mic
Spread the word. Get instant 10% off coupon.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Worry Free Warranty.