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Atomic Bass 2 Earphones


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Radius Atomic Bass 2 Earphones

The unique angle of these earphones allow for comfortable and secure fit for all size ears, a locking mechanism for active users and outstanding bass response and audio fidelity

Radius Atomic Bass 2 earphones deliver the highest level of best sound quality, superior construction, unrivaled comfort and unparalleled style. If you have small ears, large ears or any size in between, these ultra-light aluminum eabuds are designed to fit comfortably and secure and are as functional as they are fashionable. Radius Atomic Bass earphones are a must have for individuals with an active lifestyle.

The Radius Atomic Bass 2 earphones are tailor made to deliver the best bass response that your tunes demand. They are perfect for the slamming bass of hip-hop and dance, but they are tonally balanced for any music style that demands rich, crisp audio fidelity. Precision crafted from ultra-light aluminum, and sporting a gold plated stereo mini-plug, Radius earphones go to the final degree to make sure everything looks and sounds perfect.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Year Warranty on Your Purchase
Model# ATB-211K

"The Atomic Bass earphones' understated design is further promoted by the supercompact size of the buds. Even users with smaller-than-average ears should have no problem achieving a relatively secure and comfortable fit. Radius includes three sizes of silicone ear tips, and I had no trouble getting a good fit with the smallest of these. I found the earphones to be comfortable after more than two hours of wear". - (CNET)

"Audio Performance of the Atomic Bass is Intense..It's impressive that these small earphones pack so much punch at such low price...The Radius Atomic Bass are aptly named: The low frequency response of the Atomic Bass is surprisingly stronger than the $1150 Ultimate Ears UE11Pro, which has a subwoffer built-in each ear...All this makes them a terrific budget pick for fans of music with a prominent low end".- (PC Magazine)

"Radius has gone with untraditional shapes that both look and feel good, assuming that they're inserted and then twisted into the proper position in your ear canals, the silicone tips sealing with your ears to block out quite a bit of ambient sound...When they're in properly, however, they provide the right quantity of bass, enough to let you hear low-end notes, but without the Darth Vader-style mid-bass-boosting effect of V-Moda's original Vibes. By the standards of $40 earphones, these sound quite good". - (iLounge)

"The Atomic Bass is a very strong performer for its price, and I would recommend it over several more expensive earphones...It's also worth noting that Radius claims the Atomic Bass is ideal for those with small ears". - (MacWorld)

"I thought they'd perform like any other cheaper set of earphones, but oh boy was I impressed. I'm not even kidding when I said that my head was rattling the first time I tried them. Radius isn't kidding when they say these have "atomic" bass. They're not as powerful as ear-thumping deejay-style cans, but these are among the best in-ear style headphones that I have ever used". - (Mobile Magazine)

"The contrast between highs and lows were immensely wide and crystal clear. The bass response had a bottom of which I'd never heard before. I've been a long time student of the school of thought "No bass, no good." And THIS was good. But what I was most impressed with was the full range of studio panning available with these headsets. That is, the sensation of three dimensional audio spacing; front-left, front-center, front-right; rear-left, rear-center and rear-right. The result was the grand sense of a large room being filled with a wall of sound. "Mucho Awesome! The Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone earphones $39.99 and worth every penny. It also stands up to several of the more expensive models like the Etymotic hf2 noise-isolating headset + earphones for example which run up to $179. Ouch!". - (Method Shop)

"Good quality earphones are impossible to come by, but for a budget the Radius Atomic Bass 2 + Mic Earphones offer very good bass, fantastic sound quality, and amazing noise cancellation for the money". - (Chip Chick)

"Bang for the buck: It is easy to test these against my collection of $100ish earphones and it sits mid pack. Sounds was comparable, fit was perfect, and the iPhone controls were cool. The hard part is to remember the Radius earphones cost half of the others. And that is impressive.
Overall: To sum up, I like these. Their sound quality and hot aluminum looks are winners in my book. The low price is icing on the cake. I don't see these staying in stock long anywhere and according to the reviews on their website from places like CNET, everyone seems to agree with me". - (Gadgetell)

"Needless to say, this is far beyond the performance I've had with all but the most expensive systems in the past. Even the $200 pair of Sharper Image over-the-ear Quiet Place headphones (which I've taken on two overseas flights and used for many movies and hours of music in flight and on the ground) take a back seat to these $50 Radius units. And the fact that they fit into a small mint tin, rather than taking up more room than an SLR camera, means they are more likely to be in your bag when you need a quiet moment". - (The Gadgeteer)

"As for comfort they're very comfortable for long periods of time, they’re lightweight and after a while you don't even notice them in your ears, you can easily wear these for hours with no ill effects...The Radius Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones are not only stylish, but they're made well and they work as advertised, they truly do add more bass to your music experience". - (The Gadgeteer)

"Radius Atomic Bass Earphones are 10 steps above Apple's Earphones. Comparing these to some VMODA, Apple, Sennheiser, and Bose earphones, I think these just blow those into another dimension". - (iFans)

"If you're looking for something sleek, snazzy and a little easier on the pocketbook, perhaps the Radius iPod Aluminum Ear Buds are just the thing to dress up your commute and workout". - (StyleList)

"This whole global economic crisis, and its resulting massive loss of jobs got us thinking. We here at Engadget didn't want to stand helplessly by, announcing every new round of misery without giving anything back -- so we decided to take the opportunity to spread a little positivity. Get your self a pair of Radius Atomic Bass Earphones. The best value you can find for the money." - (Engadget)

"With the super thin rubber wire and deep in-ear style, these earbuds are barely noticeable. This is great news for athletes who wear helmets. I took the buds out for a spin on my snowboard and barely noticed them. The headphones were so flush with my ear that they never touched my helmet." - (Electronista)

"However, after listening for myself, I definitely hear how good they are. The clear sound might have something to do with its unique shape" - (Coolest-Gadgets)

"Whether its rock music or your classical bliss that is needed, the radius Atomic Bass earphones deliver a sound that is well above standard earphones especially the ones that usually accompany mp3 players. Music styles like techno that deliver variants of bass can be heard with more than just a subtle difference. These earphones can also increase the bass." - (Viral Electronics )

"When anyone will ask me about these earphones the first thing I will tell them is what a deal. If you look at other earphones like the V-Moda Vibes that sell for $99.99 and the Shures E4cs that are $169.99 the Atomic Bass Earphones from Radius are surely a great deal. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Radius Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!" - (ThinkComputers)

"Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised by the audio performance of the Radius Atomic Bass. Presenting some window shattering, neighbor angering bass in this package and price (Which, of course, any of the listen won't actually happen because it's not a full scare home audio system), regardless the bass is still jaw dropping awesomeness. And the good thing is that it's not overwhelming at all, unlike some competing products." - (APH Networks)

"The Atomic Bass headphones are very comfortable and promise to deliver impressive bass form the tiny size of the earphones....If you are looking for a set of earphones that are small, work with the iPhone or iPod and have good bass Radius Atomic Bass earphone is perhaps the best choice. - (Smashing Gadgets)

Product rating

Customer Reviews

  • Author: AudioX

    Great Sound. Great Fit. Great Product

  • Author: Bruce Zeimann

    If you have small ear canals and are tired of fighting with other earbud style headphones then these are the answer to your frustrations. For this fact alone I would recommend this product but they also sound very good. Bass response is,as the name implies, very good as are all other freq. The reviews don't lie, these perform better than my old $100 pair of Bose. They perform well and "they fit great"

  • Author: Ying-da Lee

    I listen mostly to classical music: symphonies, concertos, and other orchestral works, solo piano, chamber works, solo vocal and choral works, etc. I am really pleased with this product. Orchestral sections are clear and have the necessary heft where it counts. Low strings, which often sound like distant rumbles, actually sound musical; and timpani are indeed timpani! Especially pleasing is the solo piano, which is clean, firm, and well balanced throughout its whole range. Voices are convincingly presented, though as with almost any speakers, headphones and earphones, you have to turn up the volume a bit to hear the real vocal quality.

    My litmus test is always the 40-part motet 'Spem in Alium' of Tallis (Tallis Scolars). This pair of earphones acquits itself very well too. The space surrounding the individual voices is nicely retained most of the time. It does get somewhat congested when all 40 voices are going in full force, but so do all my other (much much more expensive) earphones.

    I am sure that on music that has been recorded with a bumped-up lower rage, this can make the bass sound overwhelming. But that's hardly the fault of the earphones. Aficionados of such music probably prefer it that way anyway. (How can anybody stay in a car which is vibrating from the pounding bass and drums?)

    Without a question, this is now my favorite pair of earphones, and I am definitely not shedding any tears that they don't cost more. In fact, I am going to buy a couple more pairs of them to be sure I don't have to use others.

  • Author: Mendez

    I've had these for close to a month now and they are definately worth it. I'm not one to splurge on things especially headphones as they usually don't last longer than 3 months so I've mainly stuck to $10-15 headphones. Since I got a new ipod touch I thought I would get some decent headphones and since I'm big into rap and hip hop bass is important to me. At first they sounded decent but after a week break in period they are amazing. These are by far the best headphones I've had and would definately purchase again. In fact, about a week ago I almost had to. I walked into the bedroom and found my one year old dipping them in a cup full of water. I don't know how long she'd been doing it but I saw her do it twice as I stood in the door way in shock. I took them away and let them sit for a couple hours and tried them. I did this as I was sitting in front of my computer ready to order them again but to my surprise they worked and I haven't noticed any difference in the week since. So as far as durability I say its pretty good. They are also a good fit as I often forget they are in. Something unexpected to is that they are also pretty good sound isolaters so definately be careful where you use them.

  • Author: S Toro

    Im a huge drum and bass fan and it's really hard to find headphones that are: comfortable, ergonomic, get deep bass and are at a reasonable price; until I found these. A definite must for DnB heads.

  • Author: E Warnke

    I like music but I am not an audiophile; I do know that my Apple earbuds were not cutting it, but I didn't want to spend a fortune on a pair of headphones. I wanted something portable that had excellent sound, good bass, did not hurt my sensitive ears, and could block out external sounds ( for a long flight ).

    With that in mind I went searching and after reading almost nothing but positive reviews I took the plunge and went with these Atomic Bass headphones. Who says you can't have it all?

    The fit is tight, but not nearly as uncomfortable as a clip style headphone or 90% of the earbuds I have tried over the years. They are actually much smaller than I expected. The sounds quality is clean, clear, and as rich as my home stereo without waking the baby. If there is anything wrong with the sound coming out of these headphones it's probably because of the compression artifacts that you are hearing for the first time.

    I would enthusiastically recommend these to anyone looking for a similar set of good headphones.

  • Author: Kieth A.

    I just received my earbuds Saturday and I could not be more pleased,Great job Radius.Awesome earbuds,real bang for the buck!!!!

  • Author: Dave H.

    These are, quite possibly, the VERY BEST buy for the money. They have an awesome sound at low and high end frequencies. They are earbud style, so you have to be OK with sticking the buds in your ear canal. As long as you don't mind that, you will LOVE these earbuds. Totaally awesome sound!!!

  • Author: Alex Pargh

    These earbuds really rock! I'm a musician of many years (trumpet) and love a full, rich bass and these really deliver. I was expecting more EQ on the bass and wasn't dissipointed. But my surprise is how well they do midrange detail! I'm hearing harmony nuances I've never heard before on recordings. It's becoming my audio product of choice for picking out trumpet parts within a section or dissecting vocal harmony parts. This is fantastic for this price.

  • Author: J Pries

    first off, im not a big rap/r&b guy, but these headphones portray bass so well for those genres it absolutely amazing. you can almost feel the bumping in your head... (not a bad thing). however, im a hard rock/metal guy, and the sound is amazing. i can actually hear the bassist in the majority of the songs which is unheard of in $30 earbuds. the comfort level is amazing as well, they are very discrete and well fitting. i would recommend this over my last pair of $120 earbuds... they are that good.

  • Author: K Winfrey

    These ear buds are the most comfortable and best sounding that I've ever tried. The audio quality is amazing, you can really distinguish all of the subtleties in the music. If I ever have to buy another pair of ear buds they are going to be this brand. (I've tried all kinds of ear buds and these are the best) Also, I think 40 bucks is a great deal for this quality of product.

  • Author: P Lufrano


  • Author: Sara J

    this headset has great bass sounds. I am satisfied with this item.
    quick delivery. good product.

  • Author: Boom

    After owning 3 pairs of mid-range priced ear buds these offer the CLEANEST and DEEPEST bass I have ever heard come out of ear bud head phones. The mid range sounds aren't the best but still very good and much better than a cheap pair of head phones. The high end frequencies sound very clear and are damn good for the price range. Besides the bass, my favorite thing about these headphones is that I donn't have to crank up the volume on my device. They don't let much sound from the outside in and they don't admit much sound from you when your wearing them. With my old headphones, I would play a song and my co-worker would say "i love that song" This doesn't happen with these head phones. All and all, I love the head phones. Price is right, they are very comfortable and the bass simply kicks ass.

  • Author: Broke Drummer

    I occasionally use these headphones for a click track during live performances on the drums. They do a decent job of muffling exterior noise. Cheap alternative to in ear monitors (cause all drummers are broke and cant afford shure in ear monitors heh). For around $30 you cant go wrong.

  • Author: Brian

    I bought these because their rounded shape seemed like it would be better for biking. At first they were no better than the Sonys I was using before But, after experimenting with different insertion angles I found that if I put them in my ears with the cords up that I could fit them in my ears and the wind noise was nearly gone. The angled shape does allow for different positions. On the other hand, if the angle is wrong the sound disappears. Overall sound quality is very good. And I have tried a lot of earphones that sound like junk. They are heavy on the bass and light on the high end... But they're called Atomic Bass so that is what should be expected. The straight plug sticks out of the ipod a little far but that's minor. So far, these are the best earbuds I have tried for a reasonable price.

  • Author: Randy A.

    Ok, after going through about 4 different sets of headphones under the $50 mark, these by far are the best I've put on. The sound quality is compatable to my DJ headphone that are full size. The different size ear buds are a great option too, very comfortable to wear all day.

  • Author: Bernie

    Concidering how much i paid for earphones in relation to other expensive earbuds, this is a complete steal. The carrying case is compact and fits easily in my pocket. The base is RIDICULOUS. Love it.

  • Author: Antonio

    I bought these earphones based on reviews & I was presently surprised. These earphones provide excellent bass response (a problem for earbuds ) and fantastic audio fidelity for under $40 bucks. Beats most big brand names hands down. The key to getting good bass output is to use the right buds, to get it to fit deep into your ear canal. You will know you have the right fit when the bass is bangin'. After some initial discomfort, the earbuds wear comfortably for hours. Cord length is also good( I'm 6'2").

  • Author: Sharon Adele

    From Philips earphones to these its just undescribable The Radius Atomic Bass earphones has a very crisp sound and the best bass. I didnt believe when they said fits all size ears but its true and it feels so comfortable

  • Author: Adam C

    Nicely designed, great fitting, deep bass reproduction and crisp, accurate mid's make the Radius Atomic Bass earphones a fantastic choice! I've been using them for a little more than 2-weeks now and I can honestly say that I've been extremely happy with these so called "low cost earphones" - it's been money VERY WELL spent! If you like bass these are the ear buds for you!

  • Author: Patrick

    I got these earbuds a few days ago hopin they would be what I expected and I was NOT dissapointed. Im a metalhead and these things do great with all of my heavy stuff including deathmetal. I also got a hiphop craving now and then and the earphones are just amazing. They are more than comfortable, I never thought an earbud would stay in an ear so well. I also like how discreet they are...I didn't expect them to be so small. Don't let the size fool you, once you put them on and rock your favorite tunes you will think you have a full blown 1800 dollar system in your head. If you are considering these...ADD TO CART NOW.

  • Author: Anita

    It is hard to tell from the pictures what kind of interface these earphones had for my ears. The price was right so I took the chance. It was a good choice. They come with 3 different size eartip or ear pieces that fit different size ears, so yes I believe they will fit everyone. The sound on these earphones is unbelievable. I am really shocked at how good the sound is. The eartips are a type of rubber that seems like it will last a long time. They seal very well and you never need to push the earphone further into your ear to get the true base effect, it is always there.

  • Author: Shaunita

    I have tiny openings to my ears, so it is hard to find comfortable earphones. These are sooo perfect and the sound quality is excellent. I enjoy hours of listening to my music at work with these earphones and no background noise at all!

  • Author: Amazed Owner

    This little things earphones pack a punch and they are definitely worth it.

  • Author: Greg

    These are amazing earphones. The sound is very clean and the bass is smooth and very solid. The earbud design is also excellent -- I don't have any issues with them trying to fall out during my gym workouts. These are simply a real good value.

  • Author: Radius Convert

    I've gone to through several earphones over the past year trying to find a balance between comfort and sound. These earphones are it. Great sound and fit nicely. Finding the right earbud size for you is going to give you the best bass. Comes with 3 size options.

  • Author: Xtraterrestrial

    These are the perfect earphones for the iPod Touch with the EQ "Bass Booster". It sounds absolutely amazing and I've always had problems with the earphones with the rubber-like earbud but this one never falls off. The bass with this thing is amazing for its size, and it is the best earphones I had so far. The only con I could think of would be the cord is too long

  • Author: DV

    I was using Creative's EP 630 till my sweetheart bought a perfect gift for me.Radius Atomic Bass Earphones.I love my ep 630,but unfortunately the left one stopped working :( I was looking out for something equally good and I happened to stumble upon these earbuds.The bass is terrific and I just can't stop listening to music.These earbuds are not only one of the sexiest buds i've seen, but deliver amazing sound with beautiful bass and treble. These earbuds also insulate the sound very well.I am very satisfied with my purchase and recommend these earphones for those that want great sound at a relatively low price.

  • Author: Anne

    I never knew my ears were obsolete until I lost my years-old earphone. Went to multiple electronic stores in Sacramento and EVERYTHING was so big for my ears that they wouldn't stay in. Then I started looking on the Web and saw these Atomic Bass earphones and ordered them. What a find! I had no idea sound could be so great and earphones so comfortable. Highly recommend them!

  • Author: Justin

    first off, im not a big rap/r&b guy, but these earphones portray bass so well for those genres it absolutely amazing. you can almost feel the bumping in your head... (not a bad thing). however, im a hard rock/metal guy, and the sound is amazing. i can actually hear the bassist in the majority of the songs which is unheard of in $30 earbuds. the comfort level is amazing as well, they are very discrete and well fitting. i would recommend this over my last pair of $120 earbuds... they are that good. I would recommend them and plan to buy from them again if i need headphones.

  • Author: Jackie

    I was looking for earbuds that were comfortable but had a good sound. These fit the bill perfectly.

  • Author: Daniel O.

    It's been three weeks and my headphones have not arrived in the mail yet, pretty dissapointed.

  • Author: Garry D

    I'm little bit angry, because i bought it here, and today i found it cheaper here: http://tiny.cc/r2og2w

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