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Radius Atomic Bass 2 Earphones + Mic

Integrated Microphone for use with iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

The new Radius Atomic Bass earphones retain the same unique shape that make our products supremely comfortable, however the new Atomic Bass earphones now deliver more highs and mids without sacrificing the booming low end of the original Atomic Bass.

The new Atomic Bass earphones more durable than ever. The new thicker wiring, strengthened joints and the slider to keep your earphones from getting tangled are some of the new features of the new Atomic Bass.

In addition to all the improvements, the Atomic Bass 2 Earphones come with a carrying case for extra protection.

The new Atomic Bass earphones more durable than ever. The new thicker wiring, strengthened joints and the slider to keep your earphones from getting tangled are some of the new features of the new Atomic Bass.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Year Warranty on Your Purchase
Model# MAT-411K

"The Atomic Bass earphones' understated design is further promoted by the supercompact size of the buds. Even users with smaller-than-average ears should have no problem achieving a relatively secure and comfortable fit. Radius includes three sizes of silicone ear tips, and I had no trouble getting a good fit with the smallest of these. I found the earphones to be comfortable after more than two hours of wear". - (CNET)

"Audio Performance of the Atomic Bass is Intense..It's impressive that these small earphones pack so much punch at such low price...The Radius Atomic Bass are aptly named: The low frequency response of the Atomic Bass is surprisingly stronger than the $1150 Ultimate Ears UE11Pro, which has a subwoffer built-in each ear...All this makes them a terrific budget pick for fans of music with a prominent low end".- (PC Magazine)

"Radius has gone with untraditional shapes that both look and feel good, assuming that they're inserted and then twisted into the proper position in your ear canals, the silicone tips sealing with your ears to block out quite a bit of ambient sound...When they're in properly, however, they provide the right quantity of bass, enough to let you hear low-end notes, but without the Darth Vader-style mid-bass-boosting effect of V-Moda's original Vibes. By the standards of $40 earphones, these sound quite good". - (iLounge)

"The Atomic Bass is a very strong performer for its price, and I would recommend it over several more expensive earphones...It's also worth noting that Radius claims the Atomic Bass is ideal for those with small ears". - (MacWorld)

"I thought they'd perform like any other cheaper set of earphones, but oh boy was I impressed. I'm not even kidding when I said that my head was rattling the first time I tried them. Radius isn't kidding when they say these have "atomic" bass. They're not as powerful as ear-thumping deejay-style cans, but these are among the best in-ear style headphones that I have ever used". - (Mobile Magazine)

"The contrast between highs and lows were immensely wide and crystal clear. The bass response had a bottom of which I'd never heard before. I've been a long time student of the school of thought "No bass, no good." And THIS was good. But what I was most impressed with was the full range of studio panning available with these headsets. That is, the sensation of three dimensional audio spacing; front-left, front-center, front-right; rear-left, rear-center and rear-right. The result was the grand sense of a large room being filled with a wall of sound. "Mucho Awesome! The Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone earphones $39.99 and worth every penny. It also stands up to several of the more expensive models like the Etymotic hf2 noise-isolating headset + earphones for example which run up to $179. Ouch!". - (Method Shop)

"Good quality earphones are impossible to come by, but for a budget the Radius Atomic Bass 2 + Mic Earphones offer very good bass, fantastic sound quality, and amazing noise cancellation for the money". - (Chip Chick)

"Bang for the buck: It is easy to test these against my collection of $100ish earphones and it sits mid pack. Sounds was comparable, fit was perfect, and the iPhone controls were cool. The hard part is to remember the Radius earphones cost half of the others. And that is impressive.
Overall: To sum up, I like these. Their sound quality and hot aluminum looks are winners in my book. The low price is icing on the cake. I don't see these staying in stock long anywhere and according to the reviews on their website from places like CNET, everyone seems to agree with me". - (Gadgetell)

"Needless to say, this is far beyond the performance I've had with all but the most expensive systems in the past. Even the $200 pair of Sharper Image over-the-ear Quiet Place headphones (which I've taken on two overseas flights and used for many movies and hours of music in flight and on the ground) take a back seat to these $50 Radius units. And the fact that they fit into a small mint tin, rather than taking up more room than an SLR camera, means they are more likely to be in your bag when you need a quiet moment". - (The Gadgeteer)

"As for comfort they're very comfortable for long periods of time, they’re lightweight and after a while you don't even notice them in your ears, you can easily wear these for hours with no ill effects...The Radius Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones are not only stylish, but they're made well and they work as advertised, they truly do add more bass to your music experience". - (The Gadgeteer)

"Radius Atomic Bass Earphones are 10 steps above Apple's Earphones. Comparing these to some VMODA, Apple, Sennheiser, and Bose earphones, I think these just blow those into another dimension". - (iFans)

"If you're looking for something sleek, snazzy and a little easier on the pocketbook, perhaps the Radius iPod Aluminum Ear Buds are just the thing to dress up your commute and workout". - (StyleList)

"This whole global economic crisis, and its resulting massive loss of jobs got us thinking. We here at Engadget didn't want to stand helplessly by, announcing every new round of misery without giving anything back -- so we decided to take the opportunity to spread a little positivity. Get your self a pair of Radius Atomic Bass Earphones. The best value you can find for the money." - (Engadget)

"With the super thin rubber wire and deep in-ear style, these earbuds are barely noticeable. This is great news for athletes who wear helmets. I took the buds out for a spin on my snowboard and barely noticed them. The headphones were so flush with my ear that they never touched my helmet." - (Electronista)

"However, after listening for myself, I definitely hear how good they are. The clear sound might have something to do with its unique shape" - (Coolest-Gadgets)

"Whether its rock music or your classical bliss that is needed, the radius Atomic Bass earphones deliver a sound that is well above standard earphones especially the ones that usually accompany mp3 players. Music styles like techno that deliver variants of bass can be heard with more than just a subtle difference. These earphones can also increase the bass." - (Viral Electronics )

"When anyone will ask me about these earphones the first thing I will tell them is what a deal. If you look at other earphones like the V-Moda Vibes that sell for $99.99 and the Shures E4cs that are $169.99 the Atomic Bass Earphones from Radius are surely a great deal. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Radius Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!" - (ThinkComputers)

"Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised by the audio performance of the Radius Atomic Bass. Presenting some window shattering, neighbor angering bass in this package and price (Which, of course, any of the listen won't actually happen because it's not a full scare home audio system), regardless the bass is still jaw dropping awesomeness. And the good thing is that it's not overwhelming at all, unlike some competing products." - (APH Networks)

"The Atomic Bass headphones are very comfortable and promise to deliver impressive bass form the tiny size of the earphones....If you are looking for a set of earphones that are small, work with the iPhone or iPod and have good bass Radius Atomic Bass earphone is perhaps the best choice. - (Smashing Gadgets)If there are still issues, please let me know. I have tested it with dummy data, and I can upload it on the web so you can see what I have done.

Product rating

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Joann Moss

    I have very small ears and these are the only earphones I have found that fit and stay in my ears

  • Author: Mr. Dowell

    If you don't get great sound from these buds, try a larger size ear cap! It's in there. Once you get the right size, you'll be rockin'!

    Not only do these ear buds look great, they're comfortable and they truly sound great too. I have had several pair of buds that fit using the medium caps. When I first put these in my ear as they came out of the box (with med caps), they were comfortable but the sound was diminished. When I replaced the medium caps with the larger size, the bass really came through and the sound quality was exactly what I was looking for. Add that to the full functionality of the remote/mic and you just can't beat this deal!

  • Author: Noel A. Santiago

    This review is coming from somebody who owned a pair of Bose in ear headphone which cost me 3 times as much as these. I am also very lazy and don't usually take the time to write theses reviews so that says a lot about how i feel about these headphones. i spilled water on my Bose headphones and was looking to replace them.. I wanted something with some good bass response and these headphones live up to there name i was very surprised.. You get plenty of bass and highs they sound great.. I highly recommend these headphones they out preformed my much more expensive Bose headphone by a lot ... i use them with my iphone to run on the treadmill at the gym which is an other great thing about them the fit well and don't fall out of my ears..

  • Author: Tanasay

    These are the only earbuds with a microphone that I can keep running for more than a few weeks. I like the sound fidelity, but my main concern is having a product that actually works (the switch on at least three other products I've tried either didn't work or stopped working within a month); and I want a product that keeps working. The Radius product keeps working even if I drop the iPod and it bungees at the end of the headphone cord. I will admit they last longer if I don't wrap them around the iPod and stuff them in my pocket. But other products either don't work properly at all, or die within a few weeks. I can count on Radius to keep on working for months.

  • Author: Akl

    I was looking to replace the shoddy iPhone earphones for around $50 and found these. They are great! Much better than their $100 competitors. The buds fit into your ears nicely. Music is heavy with bass. Medium sound isolation that drowns out most subway noise. The microphone works pretty good. Construction seems solid enough; no sticky rubbery covering that disintegrates like the Sonys. I've had these for about 2 months and they're still working great.

  • Author: D. Salandy

    I've been using these for about week and color me impressed by the value of this product. Unfortunately, I do not have a $200 set to compare these to but after hearing them, I doubt I'll need to. Some audiophile may contend that these do not sound like reference quality but I believe that the average listener will find these will work great as Apple earbud replacements. They improve on all the shortcomings of the included Apple earbuds:
    1. The soft rubbery ear cushions feel great and keep these suckers planted in your earholes.
    2. They isolate sound very well to allow you to hear the subtle nuances of the music.

    I also found that I like the fact that the earbud leads are a symmetric design and the microphone/button work very well. The feel of the button feels like the included Apple button and it "just works." All of the hardware (Y-splitter, button/mic, 3.5mm connector, and yes, the buds themselves) are compact and feel like they are of good quality.

    Overall, I would have no reservations recommending these; you won't be disappointed. These seem to be the best value for the money if you want some sound isolating earbuds that maintain the ability to take a phone call and pause/skip a song that sound great.

  • Author: R. Johnson

    If you like bass then you'll love these. But they also have a clean sonic range from lows to highs. I was blown away by the sound that came out of these. Easily worth twice the price. In fact I tried the Bose In-Earphones and I have to rate the Radius higher. Some of the best sound i've ever heard. And i've been through LOTS of headphones looking for the perfect pair. These are as close to perfect that i've found. You'll not be disappointed.

  • Author: Paula Fenner

    I'm so glad I decided to buy these earphones among the other dozen or so out there. I use it with my iPhone - the standard issue white earphones that normally come with the iPhone have never fit well in my ears. With these, they definitely fit snug. I use it when I work out and they stay in place just great. The music always comes across as clear, and though the bass is not "atomic", I am more than happy with sound quality. The mic also works wonderfully. I like the mic function where you can turn off/on, skip to the next track, answer calls with one or two clicks. yay for these earphones!

  • Author: D Hauffman

    I excitedly enjoy these earbuds. The sound is far superior to the stock Apple earbuds. Very Nice. Well priced. I recomend.

  • Author: Rich

    Excellent value. Works great and the sound is superb for the price. The earphones fit comfortably in the ear and don't shake loose when moving quickly or running. Because of the firm fit, you get excellent bass. I purchased a pair of these a few months ago for my iphone. My wife liked them so much, I recently purchased her a pair for her ipod. In our opinion, best earphones you can get for the money!

  • Author: Josh H.

    i'm a big hip hop head and these earphones are perfect for the bass-thumpin' tunes to bounce to. the price is no contest for the quality that you will receive. bump!

  • Author: Andrew C

    I still cannot believe what I am hearing. I had NO idea that ear buds could sound like this. I have headphones for my recording studio that a paid hundreds of dollars for, granted they serve a different purpose, but they do not hold a candle to these little earbuds. These things are easily worth three times the price they sell for. The bass literally rattles my skull when I crank them. The only downside is that you WILL need to tweak your EQ settings, not that it is a real downside haha. I use the default rock EQ settings in iTunes and it just sounds killer.

  • Author: Jeff

    I've had these earphones for well over 6 weeks, work out at the Gym every day for ninety minutes, Sound great on my Iphone, good bass, great while using as a phone. Lot of bang for the buck.

  • Author: dfsixstring

    I don't like the iphone ear buds - they are too big for my ears. These fit very nicely. I give it a high rating because of the cost versus the sound quality (very good). The voice feature works well and the sound clarity for the other person listening during a call is very good. Again, my only complaint here is that these fit my ears "so well" that I find myself talking louder on the phone because I cannot hear my own voice. They should sell these as noise canceling too.

  • Author: Damon

    I got these for my iPhone. The iPod/iPhone's earphones suck, and I just wanted to get something that wouldn't fall out of my ears when working out. $100 for the 'good' earphones was just too expensive for me. These are so much better! They have much more bass and sound than the ipod earphones. Plus the earphones come with different earpieces so you should find one to fit your ears. They have the 3 prong jack, microphone, and iPhone controls just like the Mac earphones. (Like the iPhone, still no Volume control) If you don't want to spend $100 for some decent earphones, this is a good buy.

  • Author: Kathie

    I use the headphones w/mic for talking on my cell phone and listening to podcasts. I prefer sizable gel earbuds, so these are good for that. The mic is excellent, which is a big contributor to my 5-star rating, since I only talk on my phone when wired. The mic's button is responsive and it has good voice quality. I have an HTC EVO and it works perfectly with it. Sound is good, but as I mentioned above, I am not a bass afficianado, so I am probably not the best judge.

  • Author: My Ears are Happy

    BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. I did research of headphones for months. I have strange ears apparently and most headphones don't fit inside my ear well. I listen to a lot of techno and bass-ey Pop. I grew up around having subwoofers on every system so I NEEDED bass. Well, these did it. Very responsive bass. I turn them up on full blast and it's still VERY clear with the bass response that I wanted. The highs could be a bit better but they are just fine honestly, since I don't want to lose my hearing more than I have already. These are the best fitting headphones I've had and really cancel most of the noise outside.

  • Author: Terry Kirchner

    I just received these today and I have to say wow! I bought these after my Skull Candy trashed out after$ 60 worth of earphone junk went into the garbage.I decided to give these a try. Amazing sound from the highs and crazy bass from the lows...I just tested these on a wide range of music with no failure in sound quality. I go thorough a lot of headphones because I use them for a medical reason...awesome work Radius crew you have won me over!!!

  • Author: Kyle

    I have had these headphones for almost 2 years now and they still work just like they did when I bought them. No parts of the cable are coming apart and the speakers are still sounding the same as when I got them. The only headphones that I have had sound better are in-ear headphones where an audiologist molds them to fit your ear. But these still sound amazing in comparison. And they are about $200 cheaper!

  • Author: Frank Z

    I'm little bit angry, because i bought it here, and today i found it cheaper here: http://topamshop.com

  • Author: wlgrkuqgkf

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